Daniel Rowbottom – Livestock Manager

The livestock manager, Daniel Rowbottom, is responsible for our award winning herds of Highland Cattle and Lleyn sheep.

Heydour Estate Pedigree Highland cattle Fold

Here at Heydour Estate we run the Kelby Fold of twenty five pedigree highland cows. Calving takes place in February and March with the aim of producing heifers and bulls of show quality with a good temperament. The whole fold has elite Health Status Accredited by Biobest.

Calves are weaned in November and all heifers and potential bulls are halter trained. Everything is out-wintered and fed on home produced silage.

Kelby Fold occasionally has home-bred, registered stock for sale. Please do get in touch if you would like to view the cattle, and to come and enjoy seeing the Highlanders at Heydour Estate.


Heydour Estate pedigree Lleyn flock- Flock 1624

Currently the Kelby flock of pedigree Lleyn sheep consists of 500 MV Accredited ewes of which two thirds are purebred for replacements and pedigree sales of ewe lambs, shearling ewes and tups, from home and society sales. The other third are crossed to a charollais to produce fat lambs. Lambing takes place inside from the middle of February to the end of March, with the pedigree stock lambing first followed by the crossed ewes. Ewes are out-wintered on stubble turnips and brought inside roughly a month before lambing for ease of management and to give grassland a break through the winter months.

Progeny from the Kelby Lleyn flock is available annually at Lleyn Sheep Society sales at Bakewell and Skipton. We also welcome private sales, so please get in contact if you would like to come and see the flock at Heydour Estate.


Highland breed history-

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How to Contact Daniel

Mobile: 07812858893


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